Windows RT

This page describes how to get sources and build OpenCV for Windows RT. Windows RT support is experimental. It passes all accuracy tests, but we do not recommend you to use it in production code.

Known issues:
  • TBB is not supported;
  • Highgui video I/O and camera are not supported;
  • Highgui UI is not supported.


  • Host PC running MS Windows 8;
  • MS Visual Studio 2012 for Windows 8 (Express edition is OK);
  • Latest MS Windows Platform SDK;
  • CMake (tested with;
  • Ninja (optionally).

Get sources

Get release source or clone Github repo and checkout '2.4.6' tag:

git clone
git checkout -b 2.4.6 origin/2.4.6

Build steps for public OpenCV

1. Open Visual Studio development console.
2. cd <opencv_source_dir>/platforms/winrt/
3. run scripts/cmake_winrt.cmd
4. run ninja

Alternatively you can use nmake instead of ninja.
You need to edit cmake_winrt.cmd and change project generator from -GNinja to -G "NMake Makefiles".