Alpha-dependent template matching (matchTemplate) (Feature #3639)

Added by Alexander Cheparukhin over 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

Status:Open Start date:2014-04-09
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Alexander Cheparukhin % Done:


Category:imgproc, video
Target version:Next Hackathon
Difficulty:Medium Pull request:


Alpha channel support would be very useful in matchTemplate function, so that transparent pattern areas wouldn't affect the result. I've found the description of this problem on Stack Overflow:


Updated by Andrew Senin over 3 years ago


Thanks for your proposal. Since our resources are limited please consider contributing this feature and sending a pull request ( All your help is highly appreciated!

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Updated by patrick kw almost 3 years ago

Hi Alexander, Andrew,

awu has developed Alpha-dependent template matching for OpenCV. The source codes are available here:

Can you add these codes to OpenCV?


Updated by Maksim Shabunin about 2 years ago

Issue has been transferred to GitHub:

Also available in: Atom PDF