Can we remove the 'Intel License Agreement' comment in the old files (Bug #3498)

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Target version:Next Hackathon
Affected version:2.4.8 (latest release) Operating System:Any
Difficulty: HW Platform:Any
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Following brief discussion with StevenPuttemans on the forum, the manner in which some (but not all) OpenCV source files make mention of the 'Intel License Agreement' seems confusing, and is either unintentional or is in need of explanation.

If OpenCV is simply released under the BSD license, there is surely no need to make mention of any non-standard license or agreement.

Apologies if a bug-report isn't the appropriate way of raising this issue.


Updated by Max Barraclough over 3 years ago

Reading again, it seems clear that the intention is that 'Intel License Agreement' refers to the BSD-style licence specified thereunder. Still, that the license comments are not consistent between BSD-licensed files doesn't seem ideal.

Updated by Andrew Senin over 3 years ago

Max, the recent files do not contain the "Intel License Agreement" header. For the old files I'm not sure editing of the licence headers is possible due to legal considerations.

Anyway I believe this issue shall be discussed on one of team meetings.


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