cv2.imshow() doesn't work correctly without a named window (Bug #2146)

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I'm using opencv 2.4.2, python 2.7 and installed the bindings from here

The following code created a window of the correct size, but its contents is just blank (grey):

img = cv2.imread(r'D:\opencv\samples\c\box.png')
#cv2.namedWindow("gray", 1)
cv2.imshow("gray", img)

It only works as expected with a named window being created first, which was not the case in previous versions. This stops certain samples from working for me as well, such as


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Tested this and found that it does not happen with the latest OpenCV installed from source on Linux, but is still a problem in Windows 7 with the closest version (opencv 2.4.5) from the site linked in the description.

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Issue has been transferred to GitHub:

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