Problem reading .AVI file when migrating from openCV 2.1 to openCV2.4.1 (Bug #2115)

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Target version:Next Hackathon
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I am migrating an video application from OpenCv2.1 to 2.4.1. While opening and querying a capture opened with cvCaptureFromFile in 2.1 works well, the same program crashes when linked against 2.4.1 on windows XP.
I've tracked the problem down to CvCapture_FFMPEG_proxy::retrieveFrame, were see and assignment error icvRetrieveFrame_FFMPEG_p(ffmpegCapture, &data,...) when called on the first frame.


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AVI file codec information: Codec: Planar 4:2.0 YUV (I420), resolution (352 * 288) Frame rate: 30

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Updated by ZhiHeng NIU over 4 years ago

I encountered the same problem for OpenCV2.4.2. Crashed at icvRetrieveFrame_FFMPEG_p when read an AVI file.

Updated by Greg Phil over 4 years ago

I'm having the same problem. It seems to be a problem of the video size or even more an issue of the frame size.
I tried an uncompressed 8bit grayscale avi with 640x680, 39fps, 19frames ->works well.
But the cvRetrieveFrame_FFMPEG_p() is throwing an unhanded exception by using an uncompressed 8bit grayscale avi with 1920x1080, 25fps, 500frames.

By the way I'm using VC10 and x64.

Updated by Kirill Kornyakov over 4 years ago

Added to the 2.4.4, because multiple people report the problem.

Could somebody confirm, that the problem reproduces with OpenCV 2.4.3?

  • Target version set to 2.4.4

Updated by Francesco Leotta over 4 years ago

The problem still persists in OpenCV 2.4.9 64 bit. Windows 8. 320x240 color 20fps.

Updated by S K about 4 years ago

I am also getting the same issue in reading uncompressed avi file with OpenCV2.4.3rc with UYVY encoding.
I tried different video codec for encoding and V210 seems to work fine on 64 bit.


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Updated by Amaury Mortier about 4 years ago

Hi all!

I'm encoutering the same problem with OpenCV 2.4.4 (actually with OpenCV 2.4.2 too).
I could read a raw avi without problem with OpenCV 2.1 (features example of file: codecs: rawvideo, bgr24, 1920x1080, bitrate: 1000865 kb/s, duration 21 seconds). But now with the new version, as soon as I put the first frame of my VideoCapture in a Mat, it throws me an access violation exception, coming from mlock.c file.
I have no problem with xvid avi file for example.


Updated by Vishnu Makkapati almost 2 years ago

I run into this issue while using 32 bit version of OpenCV 2.4.9 with Visual Studio 2010. The program crashes on the call to icvRetrieveFrame_FFMPEG_p. Is there a solution?

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Issue has been transferred to GitHub:

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